Furnace Maintenance Wood Dale

Winters in Wood Dale, Illinois can be brutal with a broken furnace. Start preparing your furnace for the upcoming winter season now. Furnace maintenance is important and will keep your furnace running great all season long. At A-Perfect Climate we provide furnace maintenance service to residents in Wood Dale. Our heating specialists are qualified and have many years of experience working with furnaces. Our team at A-Perfect Climate cares about your comfort and want to do whatever we can to keep your home comfortable this winter. Let our years of experience speak for itself, contact us today!


Furnace Maintenance Tips

Keeping up with regular maintenance on your furnace is important and will keep it running efficiently all season long. Furnaces can get dirty and dusty and should be cleaned at least every season in Wood Dale, Illinois. Proper maintenance will keep your furnace lasting for many years.

Before you start cleaning and inspecting your furnace make sure to turn the power off first. After you turn the power off check for any leaks. If it is a gas leak, call a professional right away and keep the furnace off until it has been repaired.

  • Clean vents- Furnace vents are easily backed up by dirt and debris. If your vents are blocked, it can cause lots of problems to your furnace. You can easily clean the vents with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Clean blower- The blower needs to be kept clean just as much as the furnace filter. The blower is found after the air filter. To clean it you will need to remove the panels around the filter .
  • Change the filter- It is important to change the filter on your furnace whenever it gets full of dirt and debris. If the filter is clogged replacing it is very affordable.
  • Repair air ducts- most air ducts are prone to getting damaged. In order to keep the air duct clear, occasionally vacuum it with a high powered vacuum.
  • Check thermostat- If the temperature in your house does not match the temperature on your thermostat then you should check it. If it is not working then it may need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Inspect fan- Have a local technician come out and inspect your furnace. They can check the fan and see itf it needs to be cleaned or if it needs any repairs. An inspection will save you from needing expensive repairs because any issues would be caught and fixed right away
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