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Winter is right around the corner! With winter coming up in Itasca, Illinois it is important to have a working heater in your home. It is never good to find out your heater is broken when you go to turn it on for the first time. That’s why furnace maintenance is so important, to ensure it works before it is too late. If you recently figured out that your heater is broken, contact A-Perfect Climate Inc. We offer furnace installation and repair service in Itasca. Our professional technicians are all highly trained and certified and ready to help!

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I am incredibly impressed with the work we had done from A Perfect Climate! They were out at our house and had to reinstall our furnace and air conditioning because it had been messed up by a different, previous company. They fixed everything and even installed a new thermostat for us! The furnace itself actually even looks aesthetically better than it used to — everything is neat, organized, and clean. We are so happy! We highly recommend!

– Ellen B. 

Furnace Installation Itasca

Has your heat every stopped working on one of the coldest days of the winter? When your heater goes out, you must contact your local HVAC technician right away. No one in Itasca wants their heater to break, especially during the coldest days of the winter. A broken furnace will stop the party and cause lots of stress to the homeowners. It’s even worse when the furnace cannot be repaired because a furnace installation is more expensive then furnace repairs. Luckily at A-Perfect Climate we have the skills and expertise to help! Our technicians have been installing furnace’s for many years and know exactly what to do in these situations. We can help you find the right new furnace for your home, install it properly and make sure it’s working correctly before we leave. It is our goal to help you reach the best comfort in your home. Signs You Need A New Furnace
  1. Flame Color- The furnace should always be creating a blu flame. If your furnace has a yellow flame then call your local technician today. A yellow flame could mean that it is producing carbon monoxide.
  2. Frequent Repairs- If you have to constantly repair your furnace then you should think about replacing it. All the repairs over the years could end up costing just as much as a furnace installation.
  3. Noises- Many old furnaces make loud noises when they have almost reached the end of their lives.
  4. Heating Bill- An increase in your heating bill could mean that your furnace is running out of time. The parts could be waring out and it might be on the verge of breaking.
  5. Age- If your furnace is older then 15 years it should be replaced. Newer furnaces are more energy efficient then older ones. Upgrading could save you money!

Should I Repair or Replace My Furnace?

At A-Perfect Climate we understand the importance of saving money. We will be honest in helping you determine whether you need your furnace repaired or replaced. If your furnace is broken, it is a lot cheaper to have it repaired. However, sometimes it is more cost effective to have it replaced. This decision is difficult to do on your own. The professionals at A-Perfect Climate can help! We can check out the needed repair and see if it is something that can be easily repaired or figure out if the repair wouldn’t be worth it. Repair Vs. Replace
  • If your furnace is out of warranty and needs repairs for the inside parts, then It might be easier to replace the furnace. Repairs might seem like the more affordable option, but in the long run replacement is the better choice. The inside parts are expensive and might need more repairs in the future. Only a professional technician can answer this question! Contact A-Perfect Climate at 630-691-8380 for more information.
  • If your repairs are almost as expensive as purchasing a new one, consider replacing your furnace all together.
  • If your furnace is still on the newer side, repairing it is probably the way to go. Your furnace is most likely still under warranty and it shouldn’t be an expensive repair.
  • Your best option in determining whether you need repairs or replacement is to contact your local technician in Itasca, Illinois.

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Stay warm this winter with an efficient furnace from A-Perfect Climate! Contact our professionals to help you find the best furnace for your home. We also want to help you make the right decision on whether or not your furnace should be repaired or replaced. We are here to help whenever you need it. If your furnace breaks after we are closed, you can contact us at our After Hours Emergency Service Number. We are an affordable heating and air conditioning company that has over 40 years of combined experience. Call us for questions, more information or a quote today at 630-691-8380.

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