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It can be stressful having to get your air conditioner repaired or replaced during the summer months in Itasca, Illinois.  Especially when you want to be relaxing and cooling off from the summer heat. If your air conditioner is not working as efficiently as it should be or used to, call the highly trained technicians at A-Perfect Climate. You can depend on our technicians to make all necessary repairs that are affordable. The sooner you call us the sooner and less expensive repairs you will have. Ignoring small issues might cost you an air conditioner. The cost of repairs is less expensive than having to replace it entirely. Our goal is to get you back to being comfortable in your Itasca residence. Contact us today for same-day service!

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Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips Itasca

Keeping up with air conditioning maintenance will keep your unit running smoothly all season long. No one wants to be stuck in a house without air on some of the warmest days of the summer. If you can prevent your unit from needing repairs or breaking down, then why wouldn’t you? At A-Perfect Climate we offer air conditioning maintenance to residents in Itasca, Illinois. In order to keep your unit working efficiently all season long, follow the helpful tips below:

  1. Keep the area around the unit clean – keeping the area surrounding your air conditioner is important. If overgrown bushes or plants surround your unit, it is not able to get enough airflow to cool your Itasca residence as efficiently as it should.
  2. Wash the unit – washing the unit is an easy way to keep your air conditioner working properly. Debris can get built up on and around your air conditioner and cause it to push out weak airflow.
  3. Do not leave vents closed – some people think that leaving vents closed downstairs will make your air conditioner push out more air to the upstairs of your home. However, if you close the vents all the way then it could cause your air conditioning unit to overheat. If you are going to try this, make sure you do not close them completely.
  4. Change the filter – always try and change your filter annually in Itasca. We recommend changing it at least twice a year depending on how much you use it.
  5. Program your thermostat – a programmable thermostat will actually save you money on your bills in the long run. You can adjust it so it doesn’t have to work as hard while you are away and set it to start cooling before you get back home. This way it’s not running on full blast the entire day.
  6. Close curtains during the day – blocking out the sun by closing your curtains will help prevent heat from getting into your home,
  7. Have annual inspections – annual inspections and cleanings are great because they not only keep your air conditioning unit running smoothly, but can see if any repairs are needed. Diagnosing problems early on and getting them fixed right away will help prevent bigger and costlier problems from occurring.

Signs your Air Conditioner Needs Repair Itasca

Knowing signs you air conditioner needs repairing can help prevent bigger problems from happening in the future. Knowing the signs can save you a lot of money because the cost of replacing an air conditioning unit is a lot more expensive. Here are some signs you should watch out for:

  1. Loud sounds- loud and unfamiliar sounds indicate a problem with your unit. If you start hearing your air conditioner making loud sounds then you should have it inspected and repaired.
  2. No air flow- if your air conditioner is running but air is not flowing out of your vents then something is wrong with your unit. Contact your local Itasca HVAC service to come out and take a look as soon as possible.
  3. Warm air flow- if your system is blowing out warm air then there could be a problem with the compressor or a refrigerant leak. These can be serious issues if not taken cared of.
  4. Leaks-leaks around your air conditioning system is a serious problem. There may be a blockage or broken part in your unit. It could also mean that there is a leak. These can be expensive repairs if you wait to get air conditioner repaired.

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