Please do not enter any spam link in the comment box. There are many applications or I must say social media platforms where 3 dots mean that the person is typing for a response. Most of the time when we want to share a story but don't want to copy paste the whole stuff, then we share only important details and replace other lines with "..." sign. Maybe its because you haven`t texted her in a long. What does code 97 means when you are sending text message on the sprint? I can not text one person on my contacts from my iphone, she can text me but anytime i send her a text she doesnt receive it? As this varies from person to person, I will try to cover all the possibilities where "..." is used in a text message. I am wondering what it means when a verizon cell phone customers message says "the person you are trying to reach is unavailable at this time, please. does it mean the person is not coonected to an internet? does it mean that the recipient is readi... Is there an iphone app that allows you to check if a person has read your text message? I met a girl through mutual friends and we hit it off pretty good and there is some attraction between us. Hi. On my iphone when i send a text sometimes little circles appear after the text what do they mean. What are the blinking dots in iphone messaging? I text a women I know to see if she would like to me me for lunch but she couldn't make it because she was doing something else. Does a checkmark in the text box mean the person recieved the text or read it? Meaning when a guy uses ellipses at r end of a text message. I booked ac 2 tier of 2 persons...and preparation of chat we both got ra1 45 for person 1 and ra1 45 same for person 2 also.... then what it means? When i send a text message on my iphone sometimes in my sent when i look there will be only 3 little dots not the message i had sent...does this mean?

When using imessage. Is there anykind of app that won`t show on a person`s cell phone that will let another person see and read their text messages? Noi e i nostri partner memorizzeremo e/o accederemo ai dati sul tuo dispositivo attraverso l'uso di cookie e tecnologie simili, per mostrare annunci e contenuti personalizzati, per la misurazione di annunci e contenuti, per l'analisi dei segmenti di pubblico e per lo sviluppo dei prodotti. What does this text message mean: circle with a line through it, followed by equal sign, followed by a capital u with two dots on top of it? I saw a symbol on the back window of a car. Found it one of the much needed article for today's youth. the dots were in a straight ..? Today i gave second round in a company,after interview hr person say me,you can go now,hr person will contact you,what is that means,positive or negat. what do the dots mean? Witout blueftp,e no get another means wey i go use knw person acount.wen its far away? What dosa the truecaller person icon means?

and he never did that before. Like us to stay up to date Facebook. How do you make a text message on an iphone 4 say read instead of delieverd if the person has read it? Does it means if any person likes your every comment and always worry about you and call you saying dear means she loves you? Iphone 4s when you text somebody with green bubble and there are gaps underneath each green bubbles what does it mean. What does small numbers on top of a sentence means? What are those the flashing dots on my iphone when im sending a text message? According to the rules for text creation, three solid dots ‘…’ mean that a person has not yet finished typing. I wrote a sms text message with some content, say "some text! Informazioni su dispositivo e connessione Internet, incluso l'indirizzo IP, Attività di navigazione e di ricerca durante l'utilizzo dei siti web e delle app di Verizon Media. If you send a message to someone while that person was offline on facebook is there anyway you can find out that person read that message? or his phon. How can i save a text message attachment / or email a text message attachment from my iphone? If suppose we are blocking a person in fb means will they be able to get anyone of the link that we sent? will he get notification a? Ask for FREE. with the AskMeFast community and What are the 3 dots mean after iphone message? Hoe to know if the text message you send on the galaxy s3 if the other person has already read the text but didnt reply how would u know if they saw? - Text messaging with iphone what does the three dots measn, - Iphone why are 3 dots flashing in my message, - Wen some one sends mesg with wat does it mean, - After texting someone on iphone what are circles under your text for, - On the i phone messages what does the gray cloud with moving dots mean, - S5 sending ghost messages with spaces and dots, - My phone used to not show the three dots and now it does, - Wht do the little dots mean on the i phone message screen, - Iphone messges meaning of 3 blinking dots, - Blue dots inside a text box indicate a an____________________ tag notation. I received a text from a girl with dots after i texed her that i missed her. Most Simple Explanation, Post Comments How can i find out what a rectangle symbol means at the end of a sentence in a text message? Iphone text messages what does mean, 3 dots after you send a message on cell ph. Can i send a text message from my cell phone and not let the person know its me? When i send a text over imessage, it makes the sound of sending but does not have the delivered under it. I call and text only one person everyday. My friend writes so many dots after some words while chatting what does it mean psychatry. What the fault when the person sending a text message it doesnt recieve to the other person? yeah. Iphone what do the three dots in text messaage mean, The check mark on the bbm without r or d means that the person i am messaging has not recieved my text yet right? Twitter. Hi !i suddenly called a person with whom i don`t want to talk, on viber, but it said call failed. What means when i see the last seen with one time but if a block the person shows the actual time and when i unblock the person comes back to the o... Do the 3 dots on imessage mean that person is texting me or just anyone?

My ex just sent me a text withbthree dots only, What does it mean when i get a group text with one person being a number i`ve never seen and the other person says "unknown." Please check and try again. My grandsons hcl me tablet fails to start up. Does anyone know what, if anything, the text =omu means? ), 10 Best Work From Home Jobs You Can Get Right Now, Off-Facebook Activity: Facebook is Tracking You With this New Feature, When and How COVID-19 Will End? never a complete sentence just fragments. Texting is a faceless, emotionless means of communication.

also the person who i can`t get text from can received text from m, Dots coming up in messages but no one is sending me a message iphone. Simple Explanation, What is Internet of Things? What does three dots after texting mean? I`m a writer and the little red dots under text are starting to get annoying, how do i get ride of them? What does the gray bubble with three dots mean in a text message?

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