Spanish is the national language of Honduras, and it is

encountered some natives who were carrying cacao. I am the planner and organizer of the family.

The island has a huge lizards population, from cute little green ones with turquoise necks that scurry up and down to large grey ones that come out to bask in the sun and a myriad of other ones large and small, the island has lots of lizards to spot. I vaguely knew where Honduras was – the middle of that twiddly bit between North and South America, right? Offshore banking isn't just for the super rich. Find out why. Pinos (Island of Pines) due to its dense covering of pine trees. Yes, Guanaja is much quieter than Roatan and much less built up, but there is still plenty to do. The local scene is a diverse array of foreigners whether their ancestors came over a hundred years ago on a pirate ship or they moved over from the United States a few months ago. culminates in a party on Soldado beach where the landing is re-enacted. you get for it. Because Honduras has yet to become an on-the-beaten-track tourist destination, the prices here remain considerably lower than other Caribbean destinations. This property is close to t... 7.8 acres with a dock and 132 ft of white sand beachfront, conveniently situated on the main road in West End, Roatan's premier tourist destination. Thank you again, Angel. spoken widely on the island, along with English and an island patois, kind of

Make sure at night that arms and legs (ankles in particular) are protected as they love exposed skin! As such, this Costa Rican hotspot continues to be one …, Your email address will not be published. going out for lunch or dinner you can get dressed up, but mainly it is quite

Don't miss this up and commer. Don is the doer, he is the muscle - he gets things done.

It sounds extremely peaceful and a great place to relax and refresh. But if the weather is bad, no boats come in and food shopping might The Honduran currency is lempira, but US Dollars are Scorpions hide under tiles, woodpiles and in

No-hype updates & resource guides. In recent years Honduras has become a hotspot for international dive and beach lovers. general stay out of our way.

We are laid back, stay on the beach all day type. Crystal Bea... Free 200+ Page Report: Top 57 Places to Live & Invest. This small island is certainly the most difficult to access of all the bay islands, but that is likely what keeps it relatively untouched. Bonacca is the name the natives have called the island for over 175 years. by a boat provided by your accommodation. Required fields are marked *.

Guanaja is only about 11 miles long by about 5 miles wide covered with pine trees and with mangrove swamps.

Unlike Roatan, Utila is mostly mangrove covered and does not have large stretches of white sand beach. No-hype updates & resource guides. There is then a 3-4 hour taxi or coach journey to Crystal Beach 7.8 Acres on the beach | Tourist destination. The Caracol people are an English-speaking people who have been established in Northern Honduras (specifically, the Bay Islands) since the early 19th century and are mainly of European British-Caribbean descent. There But it's also easy to read those blogs and marketing pieces and think, "Yeah, it …, A deeper look at Nosara and its history will quickly reveal that this long-time mecca for surfing enthusiasts offers so much more than just the sand and sea. Utila has a bigger nightlife scene than the other islands because of its popularity with backpackers but it still has a quiet, laid-back island vibe.

UK visitors can get a 90-day visa on arrival at their Perhaps this explains why many serious divers and those simply looking to enjoy relaxed island life end up retiring or opening businesses here. Guide to the 8 White Chalk Horses on the Wiltshire Hills, 5 Pretty Hilltop Villages in the Var, France. Cruise ships sometimes stop in Roatan so businesses that appeal to cruise passengers will likely also do well on this island. If you have plans to open a tourism-based business, particularly a restaurant or hotel, Roatan is a great option because it has a steady influx of tourists.

The Bay Islands on the Caribbean Coast are what have brought them there and some people have even chosen to make an island their home. Blank page. Hi Jeff, as far as I know, there would nothing preventing you from dropping anchor and living on a sailboat. Great read! If you are

Depending on where you are staying, you should have wi-fi Snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and water sports can be enjoyed in the ocean. We’ve broken down each island to help you determine which of the three Bay Islands you might call home.

Guanaja Living. Your email address will not be published. So unless they are within walking Here are a few things I have been asked about Guanaja.

Some articles on this site contain affiliate links. Two less desirable creature are tarantulas and scorpions. While it does enjoy tourism, the island is significantly less developed and populated than Roatan.

My husband and I are wanting to visit Roatan, with plans to, if we like the island, to move there. They are very shy, but you can sometimes catch them grazing in the gardens. Ever. Unlike the mainland Honduras, Guanaja is pretty safe. I was not required to write a positive review of the island. Whether you’re seeking the ease, simplicity, and beauty of Roatan, the local culture and diving on Utila, or the gorgeous relaxed paradise of Guanaja there is an island for you. No spam. landing airport. Thank you Alfonso for pointing this out, I have corrected the text. that the deals could change from week to week both in terms of price and what

supplied. Guanaja, Honduras. On 30 July 1502, Christopher Columbus, on his fourth voyage landed When you arrive on Guanaja, it becomes apparent that you are somewhere off the beaten track. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

If you are going hiking, I would It’s also a great place for those simply looking to get away. Watch this space! In 2011 Island Magazine named it the #1 island in the world to retire on. If you can get an unlimited data sim. Your email address will not be published.

casual. Sure, we have a ton of resources for Costa Rica on our site, and a whole bunch …, It's easy to find tons of articles and information out there highlighting all the great benefits of living in Costa Rica. Guanaja is only about 11 miles long by about 5 miles wide covered with pine trees and with mangrove swamps. More. The main airport in Honduras is San Pedro Sula where most

Once on the island, you can get around by water taxi either With three incredibly distinct islands, visitors and residents often find their favorite. This makes for some amazing scuba diving. Thank you so much for responding! accepted in some places, but don’t rely on it.

Many of the top destinations are in nearby Latin America. Most residents live on a small caye off the mainland called Bonacca which has been called the Venice of Honduras because it connects residents with its many waterways. Ever.

Bonacca was the name we had while we were a British Crown Colony.

It is an excellent

No-one had heard of Guanaja or even knew which country it is in.

Guanaja is part of the Bay Islands of Honduras. with this limited time offer. It has 3 main villages: The Cay and Savannah Bight on the south side of the island, and Mangrove Bight on the north. You leave from the town of La Ceiba on a small 21-seater In early 2019, she qualified as a CAA PfCO Drone Pilot and now travels with her DJI Mavic Pro and Mavic Mini to capture aerial videos and photos to enhance her work.

7 years ago Park & Josh closed their businesses, moved to Central America, and bought a 400 acre island in Panama. Be careful of the Northers that come in October and November and the potential of hurricanes, but how exciting! The sweetest little brown large guinea-pig like animals called watusa. Join More than 58,187 people who are breaking free. About. Thank you Lisa, Things to do in Guanaja will be published next week!

Located on the island of Utila where the Whale Sharks migrate. Now in her 50’s, she writes about her adventures on her travel blog The Silver Nomad to encourage travellers of all ages to look at different destinations. ✔

I scanned Google maps for Guanaja and there it was, a small island about 100kms from the coast, how idyllic! Reaching Guanaja does take more effort than the other islands, which is what keeps it so pristine. It is quiet, tranquil when you need it, but also fun and exciting when you want to it to be a bit more lively. There are other pockets of houses around the coastline, but very few people live in the interior.

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