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There is nothing better than cooling off in a nice, air conditioned home after a long summer day. If your air conditioner starts acting up or isn’t cooling your home efficiently, it’s important to have it checked out as soon as you are able to. The sooner you get it fixed, the sooner you’ll be able to relax in your air conditioned home. If you notice your air conditioner is not working how it used to, contact the professionals at A-Perfect Climate. Our HVAC technicians are highly trained and certified and can help with all of your air conditioning repairs, installations and maintenance services.

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Air Conditioning Maintenance Elmhurst

Keeping your Elmhurst residence cool during the summer is easy when you call A-Perfect Climate. We offer air conditioning maintenance services in Elmhurst, Illinois to keep you comfortable all summer long. Air conditioning maintenance is the best way to keep your unit working efficiently. At A-Perfect Climate we offer maintenance services to keep your air conditioner working how it should and to help prevent any problems from happening down the road. Air conditioning maintenance can also help save on energy bills as well.

Air Conditioning Repair Elmhurst

If you notice something wrong with you air conditioner, you should have it checked out or repaired right away. Ignoring the problem will cause serious problems or it may cost you a new air conditioning system. One way to prevent having to replace your air conditioner is to get it repaired when needed. A way to prevent costly repairs is to watch out for the warning signs: loud or unusual noises, water around your unit, poor air flow, warm air flow or an unfamiliar, musty smell. Calling a professional technician with any of these warning signs can help prevent your air conditioner from getting worse. A certified technician will come to your home in Elmhurst, Illinois and diagnosis the problem and go over the best solutions with you and get started on the necessary repairs.

Signs your air conditioner needs repair:

  1. Water around unit – water around your unit can be a serious problem. Water around the unit might mean you have a refrigerant leak, which can be extremely harmful. This needs to be taken care of immediately.
  2. Lack of airflow – sometimes your air ducts tends to get clogged and cause poor airflow in your Elmhurst home. An easy fix would be to clean out your air duct. If it doesn’t help, we suggest you call a professional technician and they will take a look at your air compressor.
  3. Unusual sounds – unusual sounds could indicate a problem with your motor or belt. If you notice strange sounds coming from your air conditioner call a technician to have it checked out.
  4. Musty smell – this could mean there is mold growing in your unit and it needs to be cleaned. Call a professional to make sure there are no serious issues going on!
  5. Warm airflow – call a technician to check your unit and find any problems. They will inspect your unit, make the repairs needed and make sure it’s working properly and efficiently before they leave.

Air Conditioning Installation Elmhurst

A certified technician should be the one to install your new air conditioning system. A technician has the knowledge and experience to install your system correctly. Trying to install your air conditioner on your own creates a high risk of damaging it. A professional knows what to look for after it has been installed to ensure it’s working how it should. If you need help finding a new air conditioner the professionals at A-Perfect Climate can help! We will help you find the best system for your home in Elmhurst.

At-Home Maintenance Checks:

First: Turn your power off before checking your unit.

Second: Clear all surrounding debris around your compressor. Clearing the debris around the system can help prevent it from getting clogged.

Third: Clean the fins on the compressor with a garden hose. After cleaning the fins, push them back carefully so they are facing the right direction.

Fourth: Make sure your unit is leveled. Over time soil changes and the unit can become unleveled.

Fifth: Clean the evaporating coils to prevent mold growth.

Sixth: Change the filter twice a year! The best time to change the filter is before the cooling and heating seasons begin.

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You can trust A-Perfect Climate to take great care of your air conditioner. Our technicians have over 25 years of experience and can help with all of your air conditioning services. Our goal is to keep you comfortable in your Elmhurst residence all summer long. You can depend on us to get the job done right every time. For more questions or to learn how we can help you contact us at 630-552-6067

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